Tiny Green Kitchen, Hong Kong, North Point

One of the places in Hong Kong we visited more than once was this indeed tiny restaurant at the North Point Road end of the Chun Yeung Street Market – not only because it was in a comfortable walking distance from our hotel, the ibis North Point, but it served decent Shanghai cuisine for reasonable prices.

The service was very hongkong-ish (as in grumpy), which wasn’t so bad, because the main language spoken was Cantonese anyway. We did manage to order food in English, though, and once it was established we were able to handle chopsticks, nobody stared at uns any longer.

The inside walls are plastered with laminated prints of photos of some of the dishes served, and the menu is (mostly) available in English, although I had the feeling most customers ordered without a menu, and definitely stuff which was not on the menu we saw. If you need to wait for a free table, you can check the menu in front of the restaurant – a fact that made it easier for us to enter, since we had an idea what kind of food would be served.

Tiny Green Kitchen is the size of a small one-bedroom apartment, with a kitchen in the back and a dumpling and takeaway station in the front, and seems to be a mom-and-pop-restaurant, or rather a sister-and-sister venue, front of house is covered by two elderly ladies plus a younger woman, while the cooking was done by men (as far as we could see).

The place is usually packed with customers, but if you wait a few minutes you’ll have a chance of grabbing two seats on a table somewhere. Green tea is free-flow, when the server gets around to pour you some from one of the metal tea-pots, that is, but you can order beer or other beverages as well. It’s not a cosy place, it is just a small eatery, with many seats and small tables, not a place to go for a romantic dinner, but great if you are hungry and want some good Chinese food.

Some of the food

Prices are not the cheapest for HK, but cheap enough – a basic dinner for two (dumplings, two main dishes, a vegetable) will set you back between 5-10 Euros, if you stick with the green tea.

We came back several times and ordered many different dishes; all were delicious. And if you feel adventurous, try the black bean Szechuan chicken (second dish on the display above, under the cabbage with Chinese ham). Beware: it is served cold, and it is rather hot, so make sure you have plenty of rice or vegetables to soothe the pain.

Tiny Green Kitchen
G/F, 12 North Point Road, North Point
Hong Kong

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  1. The Tiny Green Kitchen sounds exactly like a place I would love to visit… Thanks for your nice comment on my blog! I’m happy about having found yours this way, too. As my partner and me where talking lately about traveling to Hongkong someday, I of course had to stop by your Hongkong posts. Like them a lot – and I will surely come back to read more.
    Best, Claudia

    took a chance to take a look at your blog as well in my lunch break – happy to have found