Sapporo Ramen, North Point, Hongkong

All we wanted was to grab a quick meal in the evening, not having to search for a restaurant or take the MTR halfway through the megalopolis, so we looked around the venues near to our hotel, the ibis North Point.

Enter Sapporo Ramen. (It doesn’t say that on the door, at least not in Latin letters, only in Kanji/Chinese). But the entrance is as unmistakably Japanese as is the menu, with ramen and several set menus combined with fish or tonkatsu. Fortunately, the menus come with an English translation.

The small restaurant is a simple no-frills eatery. According to the (many) reviews on OpenRice, the #1 gastro portal for Hong Kong, Sapporo Ramen used to be different (and better) before a change of ownership a few months ago. We didn’t have a comparison, but we thought it was fair value for money.

T. had a bowl of ramen with crab, opting for the ’soy sauce‘ seasoning, which was solid Japanese grub, tasty and filling, the crabmeat tasting like the real mccoy.

I opted for a set menu with a Pacific fish (name forgotten) I had never had before. It came with a small bowl of (very good) miso soup, rice, and a cabbage salad with a spiced mayo. Interestingly enough, the fish hadn’t been gutted completely, I have no idea if this is the way to serve it. Eating a fried, not sliced fish with chopsticks was challenging – the taste was very nice, and the fish came with a little freshly grated ginger which perked up the flavor.

Genmai cha is complementary, as is the green tea in many family eateries in Hong Kong.

In the end, we paid the equivalent of 16 Euros – not cheap by Hong Kong standards, but very good compared to European prices, for a nice dinner, with the bonus of having to walk about 70 meters from our hotel – a good place to stop for a quick meal if you are at North Point, and crave something different than Chinese food.

Sapporo Ramen
between MTR North Point, exit A, and ibis North Point
Shop C2, G/F, Java Commercial Centre
26 Java Road, North Point
Hong Kong

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Eine Antwort

  1. elamatrix sagt:

    Ich seh schon, Jo hätte vor seinem Abflug hier reinschauen sollen, dann hätte er für Hongkong gleich eine Restaurantempfehlung gehabt.
    Aber am Ende hat es auch die Küche am Stop zum Flughafenshuttle getan.