Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food on the iPad

Screenshot from Martha Stewart Mag on iPadOne of the early adopters of the magazine culture on Apple’s iPad is (not so surprising) the Martha Stewart emporium. Neither should anyone be surprised that a magazine labeled with the name „Martha Stewart“ is terribly good-looking.

Of course it is an „app“. While I seriously could do without ‚there’s an app for that‘ when it comes to e-books –actually, there are already apps for that, called readers, and the appropriate format would be ePub or PDF– this does make sense when it comes to magazines, since you can buy more issues in-app.

Screenshot from Martha Stewart Mag on iPadA single issue will set you back (in Europe) €2,39, so it’s probably something like that in $ too. Of course there is a free introductory issue, and it is by no means strapped of features – you get The Light Issue, a collection of 74 recipes, for free.

Inevitably, there is an intro showing the new reader how to use the app and navigate the magazine on the iPad – navigation is, hands-down, easy and comfortable and rather intuitive.

The standard menu can be accessed on all pages and will show up as a sidebar so you can easily choose a new section.

Screenshot from Martha Stewart Mag on iPad Screenshot from Martha Stewart Mag on iPad

Aside from a classic, horizontal table of contents as you would find in print, including a note by the editor, listing articles and sections, there are two more indices to help you along visually; one listing each and every recipe with picture, sorted by course or main ingredient, and an index of the rather helpful and well-made videos which enhance the recipes with useful techniques and tricks.

Screenshot from Martha Stewart Mag on iPad Screenshot from Martha Stewart Mag on iPad

What I like even more, though, is the vertical navigation („story view“) which is available from everywhere. Navigating the magazine is easy, just swipe through the articles (next, right, last, left) or scroll within an article by swiping down (or up).

Screenshot from Martha Stewart Mag on iPad Screenshot from Martha Stewart Mag on iPad

The „story view“ allows you to see all articles with subpages, and you can enjoy some eye candy, too, the designers have taken some time to create article-wide background pictures you can only fully appreciate if you have seen them here.

By all means, visually speaking Everyday Food on the iPad is a big hit (as expected). And the name lives up to expectations as well.

The recipes are simple, straightforward, easy to reproduce with excellent explanations. There are almost no convenience products in the ingredient lists, and the cooking style is modern urban American/international fusion.

I have tried a few recipes and they all turned out delicious. I’ll happily buy an issue every now and then for my tablet (which is a lot better than collecting towering stacks of printed magazines in my shelves – I just got rid of almost 80% of my old food magazine collection).

Screenshot from Martha Stewart Mag on iPad Screenshot from Martha Stewart Mag on iPad

What I didn’t like, though, is the total lack of any means of sharing or printing or mailing within the app. Usually I’ll print a copy and stick it to my freezer door for reference; and I collect favorite recipes in a database. The only workaround would be a screenshot using the iPad’s hardware screenshot option – or fitting an iPad stand in my kitchen.

Edit: as a reader pointed out, the recipes come with a tiny orange envelope icon, providing the option to e-mail a recipe, which also makes transferring it to your favorite recipes collection a snap. Everyday Food is a terrific magazine, and I wished there were more like it. Thumbs up!

Note: clicking on the screenshots will enable you to see a larger version on Flickr.

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