food-o-grafie #1 – Meine Kamera(s) / My camera(s)

food-o-grafie When Zorra asked about the perfect foodography camera ™ for the new foodography event hosted at Kochtopf, I had kind of a deja vu – while I didn’t choose my cameras especially for blogging purposes, the question of which camera to buy is always a tough one and should be dictated by what you want to achieve, and of course what your budget is.

If I had to buy a camera solely for the purpose of food photography, I’d probably opt for one of the small cameras from the powershot series by Canon – they have terrific lenses, and a lovely macro mode which seems to produce excellent results. On the other hand, I might opt for a Fuji FinePix S 2000HD, because if you are not into DSLRs, this offers terrific value for your money, including the option to record video in good quality (say videocast) — and: my first food camera actually was a Fuji.

Before Summer of 2006, all my food photos were taken with an S7000 from Fuji, a compact camera much alike the S2000. We bought it for general photography purposes, to be an allrounder, really, but soon enough it turned out to be a solid choice for those food pix, too, with the macro mode coming in quite handy.

all these were taken with the Fuji S7000

When in 2006 the new Canon 400D swept the market we bought a Canon 350D cheaply, a DSLR, which soon became our standard camera, and we gave the Fuji to friends in Dresden, who still have it up and running and taking beautiful pictures.

With the new camera, though, we were in for a steep learning curve. I had been using an SLR before, but never digital, and we learned to take pictures differently.

This is what I use these days:


and it has taught me another lesson. With a DSLR, it is not about the camera you use – it is all about the lens. But I suppose this will be another theme for another installment of this event 🙂 – I use the standard kit lens most times, or a 50 mm lens which is superb for foodography. I still want to buy an expensive 100 mm macro lens, though.

And since Zorra asked us to provide a picture from the month of September or one taken especially for this event, here it is:

Why this one? Someone commented it could be in a professional cookbook, and although I know it has some flaws, it is bar none one of the best pics I took this September. As you can see in the metadata it was taken with the aforementioned 50 mm lens.

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