SHF #43 – Citrus – Sorbetto di Limone

Tartelette is hosting the 43rd edition of Sugar High Friday, the brainchild of Jennifer aka The Domestic Goddess, and has chosen citrus as the theme for this event.

I love citrus and the choices seemed to be endless. I can hardly wait for the round-up. Finally, I decided on a recipe from Jamie’s Italy for

Lemon Sorbet – Sorbetto di Limone

The ingredients are his, the wording is mine.

Jamie Oliver does this without an ice cream maker, but simply in a shallow tray in the freezer – the result is probably something along the lines of a granitá more than a sorbet.

Sorbetto di Limone

– for simple syrup –
200 g sugar
200 ml water

– for sorbet –
200 ml lemon juice
1 lemon, finely grated zest (1 used the zest of two organic lemons, and a Microplane)
1 tablespoon mascarpone

First you need to make simple syrup and let it cool, then you simply combine all ingredients (incorporate the mascarpone with a wire whisk or a blender). Cool, then freeze. If you do not use an ice cream maker you need to freeze the sorbet for about 4 hours and stir with a fork once per hour. I did use the ice cream maker. The result was a very softish, creamy (and delicious) sorbet, which was better when re-frozen for another 30 minutes in the freezer.

I was sceptical about the mascarpone, but once incorporated I could see the beauty, it helps with the smoothness of the texture and adds color.

Jamie Oliver advises to taste for sugar once the lemon juice is part of the equation – I did, now I know the syrup needs to be rather sweet before you freeze it. My sorbet was very refreshing, tart and lemony, a superb recipe for those hot summer days ahead, but also a tad on the very sour side. I’d love a scoop of this frozen harder in a highball glass with mineral water on a hot day.

What I love about the recipe: it is dead easy and can easily be adapted for other fruit and juices. A summer keeper.

Update: The round-up with 130 (!) entries is now available
part 1
part 2

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3 Antworten

  1. Sefa Firdaus sagt:

    Hmmm looks tasty. I’ll give it a try. TFS

    btw, I just posted my entry for SHF too :))

  2. Meeta sagt:

    Oh I love this. I am really into citrus flavors and I love the idea of a cooling tangy sorbet for the hot weather.

  1. 9. September 2011

    […] Appetit! For an English version of this recipe click here. Tags: Desserts, Eiscreme, glutenfrei, Jamie Oliver, Sorbet, vegetarisch, […]

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