Foodblogger’s Welcome Dinner

Kathi from Kochfrosch has tagged me for a foodie meme started by Angelika from The Flying Apple – an imaginary dinner with friends from the foodblog universe – what would I offer?

I have taken my time to think this through, and I find it hard to come up with a single, definitive answer, because what I would serve would depend vastly on who would be coming for dinner, and of course my mood and the things I have discovered in blogs or food magazines or cookbooks over the weeks.

I can imagine I would ask all my blogging friends to join me in a food shopping spree through the wonderful markets and ethnic stores of my hometown, stopping at specialty stores here and there, and then having a huge spontaneous cook-off party – or buying lots of tasty cheeses and cold cuts and tapas and antipasti and fresh breads and wine and then sitting down for a no frills, no work party with friends…

Since we are all foodies, I might try to offer my blogging guests new tastes and new foods, or come up with a theme party featuring dishes of a regional cuisine. And this, finally, gave me the inspiration for My Welcome Dinner.

Most of the readers of my blog know that I love Japanese food (among other cuisines) so may I enter Nippon with my menu.

We are going to try three varieties of sake, some green tea, genmai cha and of course there will be water and (white) wine to drink (I don’t drink beer, and if I did, not Japanese beer…)

The first course is a platter of neatly arranged sashimi and sushi, accompanied by typical Japanese pickles.

The second course will be a small serving of miso soup with wakame, followed by a taste of deep-fried and steamed gyoza, the famous Japanese dumplings.

As a main dish – although the idea of a main dish seems to be ridiculous in such a setting – we’ll have sukiyaki, a fondue style hotpot dish with beef and vegetables and shoyu.

For dessert, lets try matcha ice cream, roasted sesame ice cream, and a glass of umeboshi shochu, a distilled rice wine with a pickled red plum.


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