SHF #22 – Canning and Preserving – Blueberry Curd

5 Reaktionen

  1. zorra sagt:

    Die Farbe ist wirklich unglaublich!

  2. Faith Hopler sagt:

    This is such a beautiful jar of curd! I keep coming back and looking at it! I love curds of all types, but I had never seen a blueberry curd until now, and I think I may have to attempt it soon. Thank you for the recipe.

  3. Anne sagt:

    This looks absolutely amazing – must try!

  4. Sailinghome sagt:

    I just found this site with a whole row of Jams & jellies and other stuff on… and some of them look sooooo good….   Blueberry Port Chutney Shortbread Bars   Blueberry curd   sweet pepper jelly

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